A tour around Campus Huddinge!

Do you want to see how are the Karolinska Institutet facilities from the inside? Are you curious about how’s the restaurant, the library, the classrooms… or the KI gym? In this video I show you KI Campus Huddinge doing a small tour around the main areas of its buildings!

Karolinska Institutet has 2 campuses: one in Solna (North of Stockholm city center) and one in Huddinge (Southern Stockholm). The Biomedicine Master’s students have lectures at both of them – although most of the time we’re in Solna. Each of the KI Campuses are next to a KI Hospital (“universitetssjukhuset” in Swedish).

So if you wanna get an impression of how would it be like to wander around KI corridors… watch this video and teleport yourself to Huddinge!

Stay tuned!!!




e-mail: laura.barcelo@stud.ki.se

Instagram: @laurabarcelo

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