Chinese New Year 


Hi Stockholm! After three weeks of sunshine, I was welcomed with wind and snow. Luckily this year, as I was able to save a three-week holiday for Chinese New Year (CNY) during the thesis-writing stage.

Chinese New Year (also called Spring Festival) is traditionally a celebration for the new spring in the new year. CNY is, I could say, the most important holiday for us, during which everyone gather with their family. The date is determined by lunar calendar so it changes every year in the Gregorian calendar. This year the Chinese New Year Eve was Feb 7th, which was not in the time frame of Swedish holidays. However, as I haven’t spent CNY with my family for two years, I extremely missed them. Thus I discussed with my supervisor and ‘squeezed’ the time.

In my family, the tradition is to have a big family dinner (grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins) together in either Shenzhen or Changsha, depending on which families are the host). We watch the Spring Festival Gala on TV and some of us play poker. As kids usually wait for countdown, parents will give red pockets to children at 00:01 (may not be that exactly). After the first day of CNY, we will visit other families and send our new year’s wishes. This year, we went hiking and camping, as well as had fun in Macau. I came back to Sweden on the third day of CNY and I wish I could stay longer.


I have had the happiest time with my family and friends during CNY holiday. I hope that I will celebrate the holiday with them every year in the future!


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