Basic epidemiology and statistics 1 -reflection on the course

Those of you who are petrified by statistics and maths (3 out of 4 people, statistically speaking ;)) – Good News! – you will survive! Even if you have no prior knowledge in SPPS and statistics, you should still be just fine! Unless, of course, you totally miss all the lectures, push aside course-related reading and pretend you don’t exist during the group work…

The course consists of lectures, seminars, and computer-based exercises (CBE). The assessment includes group work (article analysis and presentation), completed CBEs, and participation. CBEs are not a drudgery, and are preceded by morning lectures where the topic is explained. The teacher is also available during CBEs, and students are free to ask questions, which, makes the process of calculation and sedulous thinking less tense. CBEs are only SPSS based, and you can also do the tasks in pairs. So, make sure you pair with someone who knows the staff, or be the one who grasps what’s going on, otherwise, it can get too much time-consuming 😉

Personally, the best thing about the course is the group work and then the group presentation at the very end of the course. Not only are you able to apply the knowledge you have learnt and critically evaluate where you stand in comparison with the classmates, but the remarks that you get from the lecturer, after your group presentation is delivered, open up the whole more complicated world of statistics than you expected.



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