KI Housing – Vårberg dorms

Do you need to find a place to live during your stay at Karolinska Institutet? Are you interested in how are the dorms of KI Housing? Watch this video and you’ll see one of the dorms from the inside: kitchen, living room, laundry room… and the bedrooms!

KI Housing offers furnished apartments and rooms in several areas in Stockholm to foreign guest researchers and students at Karolinska Institutet. In this video I show you how are the dorms located in Vårberg (Skärholmen, South-Western Stockholm).

You can find more information at the website:

Moreover, if you want to see how the neighborhood looks like, check out my old video “Let’s go running!”, in which you can see the surroundings of the dorms in a sunny Saturday morning!

I hope you like it and…. stay tuned!




Instagram: @laurabarcelo

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