Accommodation Hunting in Stockholm

The first year I came to Stockholm I moved 6 times! 4 of those times I found the accommodation through people that I (or my family) already knew. None of the times KI helped me. So be prepared, it is tough!

The truth is that the exchange students get priority for the KI housing, not the ones who are coming for an entire program. I applied for KI housing in July, but when I arrived in Stockholm in September they still hadn’t replied to my request. I guess you can feel very special, if you get offered something ;D However, if you do get into the KI housing, it will give you the exact time (one year) to collect enough of days to get SSSB accommodation!
SSSB is the official accommodation provider for students in Stockholm. After around one year of collecting queue days on SSSB one can hope for a corridor room reasonably close to KI.

NB! Before coming to Stockholm make sure to start queuing at the SSSB! Note that the 90 days that you can collect before becoming a member of the KI student union (Medicinska Foreningen, abbreviated MF) could be of importance!

For my accommodation hunt these Facebook groups were useful:

For the costs of accommodation read in my blog post here. Good luck with finding your accommodation!

Read about How I got my SSSB accommodation: tips and tricks after 513 days in the SSSB queue!

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