When the flu hits you in Sweden


When you come to Sweden the unpolluted air, the healthy wholesome food and the option to go on long strolls or runs to maintain yourself will convince you that you can never fall ill here. Living next to a hospital also allows to think that if something bad were to happen you will not be walking towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

But wait till winter comes and the flu hits you! You might have had flu in your country but like everything else here, the flu has a twist of its own. As soon as one of your class fellows gets the flu, you will only have to wait for a week to see that half the class is missing. The rest who are sitting to your left or right are either coughing or sneezing. Those who are not sneezing or coughing will present with proof of having had the flu the moment they open their mouth to vocalize a thought in their head.

I can only wonder how it would sound if all of them were to sing in a choir.

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