“How’s your thesis?” – An overview from epidemiology track

As a second year master’s student, I feel like that question should be put on the list of our ‘frequently asked questions’. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer for that question because the answer might be different from person to person. It might even contain one of the following alternatives:

  1. “My thesis? Awesome! You know what? Yesterday I just met my supervisor and we discussed A, B, C…”
  2. “Fine/good…” (with either 🙂 or 😐 face)
  3. “Oh, look! It’s snowing outside!”
  4. “…” (awkward silence)

OK I just made them up 😛

But seriously, how’s this all thesis thing works?

For us Epis (people from epidemiology track), the process would approximately look like this:

Thesis plan
The thesis project process

Of course what you do as an individual student might differs, but there are deadlines that we must follow throughout the process, i.e. for submission and seminars. And I guess it might not be very different from the other track.

For me personally, the process began in the autumn semester (2nd year), when I started contacting one of my professors for the possibilities of doing a thesis project with him. This is of course not the only way to get hold of your thesis’ project. Since summer (I think?), our course leaders have been sending out e-mails containing the information regarding potential thesis projects. Those who were interested might contact the person responsible for that particular project and express their interest. I found this to be really, really helpful for us considering the number of students we had for our year.

Around December – January, we were required to submit our project plan and present it through project plan seminar (Laura had mentioned it here). We just had our seminars last Wednesday – Friday. Basically, we need to present our project plan for 10 minutes, and then there will be discussion session between us, “the discussant” (one of our classmates who was appointed to review our project plan), the course leaders, and the audience. Due to nervousness, I completely forgot to take a picture of the whole process. *facepalm* ^^’

So… that’s a general overview of the beginning of our thesis journey. I really hope I can keep up writing about this journey and please wish us all luck! ❤





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