What I learnt in Global Health/What you will learn in Global Health

In one of my earlier blogs I commented on what to expect in global health. Now half way through the course and having gone through all the modules, I felt I could give people a better idea of what to expect in this course. As mentioned in my previous blog, instead of looking at everything from a population perspective, we look at everything from a global angle. You will go through a number of short intense modules, namely; global health, research methodology, health policy, infectious diseases, maternal and child health and non-communicable diseases.

You will find a cross national comparison theme running through almost all these modules, the main discussion being countries and their burdens of disease. Our interests come from heat maps showing distribution of infectious diseases or cancers and how different countries have tackled certain diseases and managed to eliminate some of them. Our discussions surround the achievement of MDGs and SDGs and which states have done better than others and why.

For people who live in low and low middle income countries you will enjoy this especially if you have a medical background. This allows you not only to grasp what the discussion is about but you can also offer your input in class from your experiences, since you will be analysing issues like maternal health, immunization and health policies with a focus on low and low middle income countries. And there will come times when you will admire how some countries have survived war and conflict and now continue to make their journey to a better future.

As the modules come to their end it is needless to say, it has been inspiring going through different countries and their achievements and the context behind their current state. I have enjoyed it and I am sure so will you.


5 thoughts on “What I learnt in Global Health/What you will learn in Global Health

  1. In aid organizations, WHO, UNIICEF, UNSDR etc. if one is interested in research there is a lot to be done creating a great scope for a global Health masters

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