Winter in Sweden

When we came here, we were told tales of the harsh Swedish winter. How the temperature falls to -25 and the entire transport system comes to a standstill. How the snow keeps falling for days and the water in the lakes freezes over and people skate on it. And it went on. It is dark when you leave home for the university or work and it is darker when you are heading back home. You don’t get to sleep because your biological clock is messed up due to the dark. And the prediction that you will fall on the sidewalk at least once.

For someone who was born in the Arabian Desert, grew up in the warm city of Lahore and had never seen snow, these accounts of the frightful winter were both exciting and frightening.

Well some of it did happen. The temperature fell to around -20 but luckily or unluckily the transport system didn’t fail. It did snow for quite a few days. The snow covered rooftops around the city looked right out of a fairy tale. The lake next to my place in Sodermalm did freeze and we got to walk over it. I managed to strike off ice skating from my bucket list (I fell twice). Some people around me did complain about trouble going to sleep including myself but it was nothing insufferable.

All I can say is that I had been waiting for an unbearable winter. So far it has been interesting and I have enjoyed it. The snow, the ice skating, the almost falling on the sidewalk and putting on all the clothes you have in order to insulate yourself from the cold. But it has been fun to say the least.


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