Intro to Anna’s blog

Hello dear reader,

My name is Anna, I’m a 2nd-year (as I am writing this now) biomedicine bachelor student at KI. In my following posts I’ll do my best to tell you about:

  • the biomedicine bachelor program,
  • Karolinska Institute,
  • being an international student in Stockholm.

I also want to show you some awesome places that I’ve found around Stockholm and give insights of the student life at KI from my perspective.

A bit more about me. I moved to Stockholm 18 months ago. I had recently finished my high school in Latvia and had no previous university experience. The moving abroad turned out to be more challenging than I thought. Since then I’ve experienced both hard and good times.

My hope is that the posts that I’ll write will be interesting and useful not only to prospective students of KI, but also to people generally interested in Stockholm (which indeed is an amazing city)!

PS. Let me know in comments, if you want me to write or make a photo story about something in particular!

9 thoughts on “Intro to Anna’s blog

  1. You’re so lucky though! I was sooo close to get accepted to KI, but I haven’t given up yet – I recently re-applied a couple of days ago. Fingers crossed I’ll make it this time!
    Nice blog, it’s fun to see what someone thinks of my hometown. ^^ I’m studying biomedicine too, but in a different town. I’d love to study at KI though.

  2. Hi! I’m interested in applying for the programme you’re studying. I was wondering if you had any friends that applied using their IB results and what they got. Also, if you know anybody interested in taking graduate entry medicine and also what you plan to specialise in/pursue after the degree. Sorry for the overflow of questions!

    1. Hi Luka! Unfortunately no experience with applying with an IB diploma from me, but perhaps other blog readers can share their experience? I’ll also ask the other international Biomed BSc students when I’m back in Stockholm!
      What do you mean with the graduate entry medicine?
      I have a plan to do a post about my ideas of future studies 😉

  3. Hi! I’m currently applying to go on exchange at KI, and was wondering if you could give me some information on the courses offered in Semester 4 in the Biomed BSc programme – i.e. which one was your favourite, what the workload is like, are there many lectures and workshops and if so, how could someone carve out some time to travel? Thanks! (-:

    1. Hi!
      During the Semester 4 we had Neuroscience (10 credits), Tissue biology (5 credits), Pharmacology and toxicology (10 credits) and Biostatistics (5 credits) courses.
      I liked the neuroscience course, I had a lot of fun at the tissue biology course learning to recognize all the different cells and tissues, and enjoyed the pharmacology course lab where we could test different eye medications 😉
      Sometimes you might have 2 free days in a week because a lab is done on a different day for each group (the whole class doesn’t do the labs at the same day). Then you’ll definitely have around one week off around the Easter time. Perhaps there is a long weekend (Fri or Mon free), but you’ll have to ask the course responsibles for a preliminary schedule, if you want to plan things well in advance!
      I’m sure you can travel a little! Hope you can plan something fun!
      Best, Anna

      1. hey again anna – i’m currently looking at accommodation through KI housing and was wondering if you have any recommendations on which surburb to stay in? thanks! (-:

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