Lucia at Skansen

Hej alla! 🙂

After this Christmas break (don’t worry, the gym’s waiting for you to erase the feelings of guilt after the copious amounts of food I hope you’ve all ingested!…. now seriously, I hope y’all had a great holidays!) it’s time to post the next video!

This one’s about one of the most traditional Swedish celebrations during the year: Lucia. This festivity takes place in December 13th and here in Sweden Lucia is represented as a lady in a white dress and red sash with a crown of candles on her head.

I had heard that Skansen’s Lucia is one of the most famous here in Stockholm and we had the chance to go with Global Friends, so I couldn’t miss it! I recorded some pieces of video to show you guys how it was and here you have the result! It was so beautiful and up there we had the first snow of the winter!


I also leave you the links of Skansen museum:

and of a website where you can find more info about Lucia in Sweden:


Hope you like it and, you know….. stay tuned!!!




Instagram: @laurabarcelo


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