A new year has come…

My mind has never agreed with celebrating days. Birthdays, New Year’s Eve. To me, that is what they are, just days. One after the other. Some better than others. All partly ordained by fate, partly manoeuvred by your own actions. So when the New Year approached this time I was as impassive as ever. I admit I am a dull person who enjoys solitude beyond anything else.

But as 2015 closed down on us, I decided I wanted to do a bit of what people do. So I got up heading straight to Slussen T-bana to see the fireworks. I got off the tube to enter what seemed a sea of people from different nationalities chatting away excitedly in different languages. There was music, lights but most of all there were people waiting to see the fireworks that were to go off at 12am, marking the beginning of the New Year.

And as expected, at midnight off went the fireworks. In all possible colours and from all around the city. It was undeniably a spectacular sight. Against the black Swedish sky, the colours shooting up in the air and bursting into different directions seemed in perfect contrast. Besides the fireworks lighting up the sky what I found worth capturing was the happiness on so many faces.

Maybe a new year means a new beginning. Maybe in these troubled times the approaching 365 days make people hope despite all odds. And maybe, just maybe, it makes people want to be a better person than they were the year before.

Have a great 2016 everyone!




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