Nobel Week Dialogue – Part 2

What is Intelligence? The morning panel covered this and I found it rather interesting I had never really considered it before. I mean intelligence is more than just knowledge, it is our ability to think and understand, but it is more than that, because when we are very young we are intelligent but our ability to understand and think are severely limited. Intelligence is a type of potential, but it is a difficult concept to put into words. Some of the panelists made some interesting comments which are great food for thought.

Intelligence is about being able to negotiate multiple goals in a complex and changing environment.

Intelligence is the ability to understand each other and to understand ourselves.

Intelligence is able to understand the unintended and predict the consequences of our actions.




From the mouth of some of the most brilliant minds, something we should all consider. What do we really mean when we say someone or something is so intelligent? What does it mean when we work to be more intelligent? This is a question my mind still is trying to wrap itself around.

To be continued

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