Nobel Week Dialogue – Part 1

The Nobel week is an exciting week at the Karolinska Institute. It is filled with parties, camera crews, lectures, and the entire campus is a buzz. However, outside of campus, there is the Nobel Week Dialogue. The Nobel week Dialogue hosted it’s fourth annual event this year hosted by the beautiful city of Göteborg. The NWD alternates every year between Stockholm and Göteborg, and is one of my favorite events of the year. Partially because it is free, and partially because they really want the general public to get involved. Unlike the Nobel Dinner with expensive tickets and lotteries to be allowed to attend, NWD actively advertises for anyone and everyone to attend. This year, I attended as press thanks to this blog.

The honor of being press included a Press pass, getting to argue about the rights of the press, a press packet, and the joy of mingling with reporters from around the world. By far this is the coolest part of being a blogger. The topic this year was The Future of Intelligence. Something which touches all of our lives in one form or another.

The day is divided into a morning session of lectures, lunch, then an afternoon panel where you get to ask questions of Nobel laureates and experts in various fields. There are several breaks in the day where you can meet with some of the companies which sponsor the event. I was most excited to see Akademiska Hus and Volvo sponsoring. Akademiska Hus own and operate the campus buildings at KI, and so I took a moment to ask them about what type of smart technology we will be seeing in our campus in the upcoming years. While they made some teasing comments about exciting things upcoming, they made no official comment or promise to automate our buildings. Volvo did state that we can look forward to smart bus technology near school. While they are still getting it approved for road safety, they plan on implementing bus trains throughout the city to make our commutes faster, and a whole lot cooler.

A team of virtual presence devices were in attendance.

One of the most inspiring comments from the morning session for me was “Practice dominates over prediction, the point is that there are things which matter but the quantity and quality of training and practice is the main determinant. The better the teaching the better the end output.” by Carl Wieman. I find it so uplifting to know that it isn’t just if we were born with it, that even if we were born average, we can work and practice to reach unimaginable heights.


To be Continued






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