Something about Internship

In my previous post Internship Experience at ResMed, I shared some brief thoughts about working in a medium-sized company. Now I should keep my promise and share some funny things at ResMed.

1.  An overnight sleep testJust a week after I started working at ResMed, my supervisor helped arranging an overnight sleep test for sleep apnea. I received the device from the product specialist Lennart, who used to be an experienced clinician in sleep labs. With the device installed, I felt like those lab volunteers in documentaries. However, the device was not influencing my sleep and I learnt that almost all sleep labs in Sweden are using the device for PG (polysomnogram) test.


Finally, I was happy to know that I was not diagnosed with sleep apnea!

2.  The Bell Rings when money comes

There is a bell near the reception desk, which looks like a Xmas jingle bell. As I work longer in the company, I can hear it rings about two to three times a day. My supervisor tells me that it rings when a new order is placed. I don’t know if this is similar to other company, but it is very energetic when you hear the ring, BLING BLING BLING


3.  Xmas decoration

Several days before Xmas, I helped with the decoration, including hanging a lot of paper stars and put some candles and lamps. Even though the company is only half-full, it is still very nice tradition, isn’t it?


Although it is late to say ‘Merry Christmas’, I wish you all the best in this beautiful year!


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