Who left the dishes…

One of the joys of living in a student accommodation on your own is that you are independent to make your own decisions, deal with your problems and have time to yourself to think and reflect. If you live in a nice part of the city, which is almost everywhere in Stockholm, then the experience is so much more enjoyable. You wake up and find yourself staring at the sky in awe at how quickly the colours change.

Sometimes the first thing I do after waking up is pick up my camera and take a snapshot of the sky outside. But then you make your way to the bathroom and then comes the kitchen. And that’s where you lose your cool for a split second only to remind yourself that you live in a student accommodation which you share with many people coming from diverse backgrounds.

There are times when you enter the kitchen and turn back because there is no way you can cook with the kitchen sink overflowing with pots, pans and plates. In times of desperation you end up washing some of the dishes just so that you have a pan to cook in, a plate to put your food on and a fork to eat with.

But it is the same everywhere. My memories from my hostel life back home during medical college are not that different either. As time goes by you realise there is no other way to communal living than undone dishes in the sink, request notes on the fridge and warning signs made by your neighbours which make the experience interesting and worth talking about later.

So all you people who are looking to move into a student accommodation, prepare yourselves!


4 thoughts on “Who left the dishes…

  1. Hej Sarah,

    I came across your blog while searching for study opportunities in Sweden and Denmark. I am hoping to apply next year to KI. I was wondering if I could ask you are on scholarship there? If yes, the which one?

    I really liked your writing and amazing pics. All the best!

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