Let it snow…

I have never seen snow. Yes that’s right. I have seen 45 degrees in the summer and over 70% humidity during the rainy season in Lahore but never have I seen snow. Although my country does get snow in the northern areas but I have been unfortunate not to have travelled there.

Prior to coming here I had seen pictures of snow, of Stockholm, and of snow in Stockholm and I was looking forward to it. I was told tales of border line horror about how the last winter in Stockholm was brutal. And to be honest I was scared because I have a history of cold intolerance even in the very warm city of Lahore. So much so I was made to get my thyroid profile done just to be sure there was no medical reason behind it.

And here we are almost done with December and we still have no snow. I am beginning to feel that I have been fooled into believing there is snow in Stockholm. We had just one day of snow a week ago. Even on that particular barely snowy day I felt cheated because I didn’t see it falling and I had been sitting next to the window all day.

The whole thing needed to be obvious to make it a little enjoyable for me. I had so many expectations from the snow in general and the winter in Stockholm in particular. Snow is on my bucket list and I am still looking forward to it.DSC_0501

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