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First of all my biggest thanks to Karolinska Institute (KI) for choosing me as a digital ambassador to share my experiences and thoughts during the Global master study.

My name is Bhuma Manjula and I’m a new member to KI digital ambassador family. So far, this is my first blog. So, the first one will start with a brief introduction of myself. I come from a small village in Telangana State, India. For last decade, mass population relocating from rural places to urban towns or big cities because of professional opportunities and related labor  hospitals, education and . I also moved to a nearest metropolitan city called “Hyderabad” (which is 150 miles (not Swedish) from my village) in 2009. So I lived there almost 7 years and it is fourth largest (approximately 7 million inhabitants are living) city in India. When, I heard that Sweden has population of 9+ million, then I was laughing at my hubby’s face and I did not believe that. You know, the total number of people lived in Sweden equals to people lived in one big city in India.

Many of us knows, in India there are approximately 1500 unofficial languages and officially the government of India recognized 22 languages only. I speak fluently 3 biggest languages (Telugu (my mother tongue), Hindi, and English) out of 22 recognized languages.

I’m a computer graduate and I graduated from JNTU and I got married in 2014. At that time, my husband was doing research in KTH, so I moved to Sweden in February 2015 and I applied for the Health informatics master program in KI. Here you can see one of my picture which was taken in February 2015.


(This Picture was taken in February 2015, at my home near Stockholm international fairs, Älvsjo, Stockholm, Sweden)

Of course, I have applied for other master programs, but I found Health informatics master program in KI is very innovative and an interesting program than other computer traditional programs. I was really hoping to get into this program. Fortunately, I am here and representing the Health informatics ambassador which I am very proud of it and thankful to the Swedish study board council.

Health informatics program is more structured to fit for a broad range of bachelor education. Currently, in our class we are around 25 students with different backgrounds, age group and come from different countries. I will write more details about the program and class diversity and their views about the program in the forthcoming blogs.

Also, as a digital ambassador I will share the life at KI, courses, lectures, projects, workshops, conferences and interesting aspects of Health Informatics program. As I mentioned previously, I came to Sweden in February 2015, so I have some memories in Sweden as you could see in pictures.


(Summer adventures: This Picture was taken in June 2015, at my friend’s place and it is one drive away from Stockholm)

Note: If you have any question or comment regarding my blogs, Health Informatics, KI and Stockholm, please do not hesitate to leave a comment here or mail me. I look forward to hearing from you!

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