7 Swedish words that English should adopt!

Hej hej!

The other day I came across with a very funny post about very useful Swedish words with no English translation that I totally want to share with you, so there we go:

1. Mysa

It would be similar to the English word snuggle, but with the                     advantage that you can do it with someone or alone (for those who don’t   have a partner to snuggle) Maybe “to cosy up” fits better…

Ex: Ikväll ska jag mysa framför tv:n! (Tonight, I will cosy up in front of the tv!



2. Hinna

This is an enormously common verb in Swedish, meaning “to find the time” or “to be on time”.
Ex: Hoppas att jag hinner till tåget! (Hopefully I will make it to the train in time!)


3. Orka

This verb is a also a very common word in the Swedish language meaning “to have the energy”.
Ex: Jag orkar att gå uppför trapporna (I have the energy to walk up the stairs)


4. Vabba

This is becoming increasingly popular in Sweden, and is short for Vård Av Barn (meaning “to be at home because the children need taking care of, but you get paid for it from the government”). In fact, Swedes have even taken to calling February “Vabruary” due to such common child sicknesses.


5. Duktig

Anyone who has learnt Swedish will have heard this one by encouraging Swedes. It means “good at it”, or “talented at it”.
Ex: Du är så duktig på att prata svenska! (You are really good at speaking Swedish!)


6. Mormor/farmor/morfar/farfar

As well as being a tongue twister for the rookie Swedish learner, this combination is a brilliant selection of words we desperately need in English. These are the words for your grandparents – (Mothermother, fathermother, motherfather, fatherfather)



7. Fika

This is without any doubt the most useful Swedish word (and very probably one of the few you are going to use on a daily basis). Fika can be a noun or a verb, and it refers to the action of having a break from work or class to grab some coffee and snacks (normally kanelbulen –> cinnamon buns). Swedes take this very seriously and have fika from 2 to infinite times a day, and that’s probably what have made them be the second country with the highest consumption of coffee, only overcome by their neighbours the Finish.



Now it’s time to put them in practice! Have a nice week!



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