Stockholm through the lens

Coming to Stockholm was the first international journey I made on my own. And ever since I was airborne I started taking pictures (not selfies) of whatever I found interesting. My frequency increased when the pilot announced we were about to land at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. From above I could see green land with patches of white.

Stockholm is without a doubt beautiful and it seems that it desires to be captured, with the lens or with the brush. The scenic sites devoid of pretence is what made me buy a DSLR. It had been on my to-buy list for a long time. I think it would have been unfair if I did not buy it now that I was in such beautiful surroundings.

Although it grows darker every day and you see the sun less and less yet you seem to find some form of beauty if you really look. Like the sky changing colours 6 times in an hour, the bare trees with piles of fallen leaves under them or the lights of the city from afar reflected in the water. As the temperature continues to drop and people start talking of snow I can only wonder what the city would look like then.


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