Why Public Health?

Sorry it took me so long to be back on the blogging thing, but this month has been crazy busy, and by the time I wanted to realize it’s almost December! You, prospective students, have two months left to submit your applications, and my fellow bloggers already talked about their programs, but, why would you choose Public Health?

Public Health is about understanding what make us be healthy and what causes us to develop diseases, and, of course, implement the measures to promote health and avoid disease in the population level. As (future) public health practitioners we care about developing a healthier society by studying the causal relationships between exposures and outcomes.

Now, if you plan to run an enterprise, be director and make money, this is the right moment to redirect you to my friend Adina’s blog, where she will tell you about the Health Economics and Policy Management track. If instead you are more interested in research, biostatistics and field work, Epidemiology is your choice.

In this program you will study the basis of what is Epidemiology and how we can study diseases in the population. And, a big part of this is Biostatistics, so you will become part of the little amount of people who can read the tables and graphs of the scientific papers and ACTUALLY understand them. But don’t be alarmed, even if you have never been friends with statistics before you will cover the topic from the very basic level so everyone can catch up. This is actually one of the things I find more interesting about this programme. My classmates came from very different backgrounds; we have physicians, pharmacists, sociologists, nurses, even lawyers!! And this mix gives us a broader perspective in the topics we cover, so we are always learning from each other! This is something that is called peer learning and that Swedes love, and it’s actually a great learning tool.

And, what are the job opportunities once you finish? Well, there is a wide spectrum of choices to consider. After completing this Master you can feel strong enough to start a PhD, which I think is a great choice if you plan to stay in Sweden, where PhD students are almost like normal persons, with a salary and (some, but not much) time to have a social life. But you can also start looking for a job in the field, from organizations such as WHO (World Health Organization), ECDC (European Centre for Disease Control) or UN (United Nations) to NGOs such as MSF (Medecins Sans Frontiers). Or maybe you prefer to go for a small insurance company or be a public health advisor in a hospital. To be honest, the possibilities are infinite, as long as you are committed and work hard to get the position you want.

These are the webpages where you can read more about the programme, entry requirements, how to apply, subjects…



And if you have any question, do not hesitate to email me to leire.fernandez@stud.ki.se

Now go get your CVs ready and apply as soon as possible! See you next year in campus!

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