[Interview experience] – Novo Nordisk Assessment Day


While I was napping in bed on Oct 28th, a phone call suddenly woke me up with +45 as the prefix of the phone number. I know something happened, and as I picked up the phone, a nice voice started, ‘Hello, is that Yi?  I am xxx calling from Novo Nordisk. We would like to invite you for an assessment day on November 3rd. Will you be available then?’ I was so surprised that I heard my heart bumping hard. This was in fact my first job interview offer and Novo Nordisk was my dream place to work!

Excited as I was, I immediately talked to my supervisor for my internship and took two days off from work. Then I booked flight ticket and hotel room (as Novo would refund) and checked essential info about Copenhagen and Novo. After that, I started intense preparation for the interview and felt more nervous as time past by.


Finally on the afternoon of Nov 2nd, I stood on the airplane flying to Copenhagen. I spent a sleepless night at a hotel in the central and woke up at 6am in order to arrive at Novo office in Bagsværd at 8am. It was a compact assessment day when we had aptitude test, two interviews, a group case study and presentation. I almost had little time to have lunch  and everything was quite demanding. However, we ended at 5pm after a whole day of brain storming and I went home more tired than ever before.

This was one of the most exciting moments I would remember. Novo is a fantastic place to work, people are super nice and the culture is international. Maybe you, my dear reader, would attend one assessment like this in the future, and I hope you have great fun!


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