Application process, Part 2 (A lot to do!!)

Hej Hej!!

This is my second post about the application process. In the first one, I encouraged you to go deeper with your aims and goals in order to decide if now is the correct moment to pursue a Master study. This blog is for those who said “yes!!”.

About the application process:

First of all I am sure you already know, but to study at Karolinska, you don’t apply directly through the University. You have to apply through the Swedish Council for Higher Education at their website University Admissions (I will refer below as UA).

I actually found the website really well designed, with clear pathways to access the desired information and with a lot of helpful information to study in Sweden.

The main process to apply is:

  1. First of all you have to create an account. You just have to click on the blue “log in” tab at UA and follow the instructions until you have an username and password.
  2. Go to the tab “Find a course” and look for the programme/s you are willing to apply. Then click on each programme to see the specific information about it and click the “Add” button. If you have more than one options, you have to rank them.
  3. Once you have selected your programme/s, you will have to submit your documentation. This is the tricky part!!!
    • Certificates and Diplomas. Only the ones issued by an Academic Registrar’s Office. In other words: Bachelor’s diploma and further relevant studies (specialisations or other post-graduate studies).
    • Transcripts of completed degrees.
    • Proof of English language skills. IELTS, TOEFL or IBT. See the specific score’s requirement for each programme.
    • Specific entry requirements….. I know this doesn’t tell you a lot. But for KI, and more specific for the Master’s Programme in Bioentrepreneurship (MBE) this means the CV Form. I will talk about the CV Form and supporting documentation below.
    • Passport.
    • Signed Cover sheet. You can print it from your profile at UA.
  4. Pay the application fee (900 SEK). If you are from EU or Nordic countries, yo don’t have to pay. Check the fees rules.

As you can see the documentation required at UA is really easy, and also is very important to mention that you don’t need to send the documentation through regular mail. You can now scan (in color) all your documentation and uploaded at UA.

The important document for KI is the CV From. Here is where you have the chance to highlight your knowledge, skills and ambitions to be selected and join the programme. The CV Form consists on:

  1. Previous Education. Only bachelor’s and post-gradute studies.
    Note: there is section of Additional Information/Further Studies. I used this section tu put other education as MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses), Certifications given by institutions (in my case, Project Manager), so, if you have another relevant studies put it there.
  2. Ambition and Initiative essay. You have to prove your ambition. Describe how you think outside the box, how you are always looking for more, how you develop yourself, but the most important is to describe with examples.
  3. Relevant work experience. The key word is Relevant. This means that practical placements that were part of your bachelor don’t count. They also have to be longer than 3 months.
    Note 1: you will have to submit a Statement from your employer with the official letterhead of the company, the employer’s name, position and signature.
    Note 2: this may take a lot of time so start asking for it NOW!!
  4. Relevant research experience. Again, “Relevant”. If the research you are trying to submit is about your bachelor’s thesis, they won’t consider it relevant. Here is the place to put publications.
    Note 1: Again, you will have to submit a statement with the official letterhead of the Research Institution.
    Note 2: If you have publications, submit the abstract of them.
  5. Finally Statement of intent. This is one the most time consuming sections, but in my opinion, your statement should include: Who are you? Why this programme? How the programme will help you? Why should you be selected (what you have to offer to the university)? And your professional goals after graduation.
    Note: I asked five people with different backgrounds to review my statement and then improve it with their feedback. I changed it at least 6 times.

Make sure that you have a document to support each component of your CV Form!

Easy right?????

Guess what, if you are from Mexico or specially Latin America your work is not done yet.

First you will have to make sure that ALL you original documentation is in english. If not, you will have to submit two documents: the original and the official translation (perito traductor).

Second, in case you are not able to scan your documents, you will need a certified copy of the original and also get the official translation. This takes time and money, so please consider that in your application process.

Finally, make sure that you have everything. I recommend you to make a list of all the documents you need, ALL. I am attaching the list I used for my application. As you can see I put all the documents, I specified if it required official translation or certified copy, I also put estimated dates and finally i checked the document only if I have uploaded it or have the hard copy ready to send.


Finally don’t forget to check the important dates. And if you need further information, contact me.

15 thoughts on “Application process, Part 2 (A lot to do!!)

      1. I have several questions to about the papers that i should submit, that would be wonderful if we can Skype. my username is jonasattilus.

  1. Hi! Me again 🙂 I was wondering why did you include 3 recommendation letters to your applications even though it is mentioned on the programme’s page about application that no recommendation letters are necessary?

    1. Hi! Paula, I know it says no recommendation letters but, I added them to my application because I thought it made it stronger. I choose three different profiles for my letters. First, a physician that made his PhD at Karolisnka. Second, one previous employer. And third, the Chair of the Biomedical Engineering department at my university. As you can see, with this letters I address three topics in the MBE Programme: medical knowledge, business and academia.
      Asking a few students in the programme, we have both. The ones that submit letters and the ones who don’t.
      I have no idea if it gives you “points”, but you can ask at KI Admissions (
      Let me know if you need further assistance.

  2. Hello,
    I need to ask about the dead line for the supporting documents ,(1 feb)??
    do I need to to submit the documents before 15 jan , or 1 feb??

      1. Thank you,about the cv form,the part related to ambition and innitiative,do you think it is bettef to be in an essay form with few activities because of the limited number of characters , of listing as points to save space and descibe more activities?

      2. I believe is better if you do it in an essay form. If you just list activities, it doesn’t tell the reader a lot. Try to explain for the most important ambition and initiative activities the follow:
        – Clear description of what you did.
        – Why this proves your ambition??
        – Why you did it? (the motivation behind it)
        – The outcome of this activities

        Try to be concise. One paragraph including all the above for each ambition example. In my case, I wrote 4 paragraphs with different examples of ambition and initiative, and still have characters left

  3. Hi Ismael,
    I have some questions about “The Swedish Institute Study Scholarship” and hope you can help me to find the answer of my questions.

    As the first question, I wish to know how I can apply for this scholarship since I could not find any form or link for scholarship application.

    My second question is about documents requierd for the first step of applicstion opens from 1 December 2015 to 20 January 2016.

    Your kind consideration is highly appreciated.
    Best regards,

  4. hello,

    I am confused about the CV form. Do I need to send the hard copy with relevant document requested in the cv such as publication abstract or I combine the CV with those abstract and just upload the electronic version?

    please help

    thank you

    1. Hello Kartika,

      First of all, you don’ need to send a hard copy, you can submit everything at
      Second, you have to prove that what yo are writing in your CV From is true. For that, I recommend you to write about your research experience in the CV Form and upload also the abstract.

  5. Hi Ismael!

    I don´t know if you are going to read this, as your posts are from 1 year ago. But I have sent you an email (
    I would be very happy if you could answer it.

    Best redgards

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