Leadership Event

Leadership is relative and subjective. We all lead our own lives. We tend to make decisions that affect us and in turn others as well. Needless to say that some form of leadership resides in all of us. With age and time these leadership qualities might be polished or get buried. Being aware of these qualities helps us to hone them.

And that is precisely the reason why I signed up for the Global Leadership Event on the 4th of this month. It was being keenly anticipated and seemed like something I could make use of to get my mind off of the everyday tedium of academics. The event started with talks about the ideas of leadership followed by the traditional fika and workshops and then mingle. It was nice to hear the thoughts of accomplished individuals like Knorring (LIME-Karolinska) and Jager (Tieto). What I ended up registering in my head was that it was essential to step out of your comfort zone every now and then, and kick the stagnation that tends to sink in gradually with time.

What was equally interesting was the fika and mingle that followed the talks. I now believe the swedes are spot on with their idea of coffee. One thing particularly caught my attention. Apart from the many representatives of very reputed organizations that were present was Kiron University. I was amazed to know that under the current refugee crisis Kiron University was trying to raise funds for refugee students in order to allow them to get an education. They were asking people to leave notes for these students which I found very sweet.

The night ended in a rush because I had an exam a day later. But I did leave with the will to explore and experience life more.20151104_172346

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