Defining Global Health

When I started looking into courses in Sweden I was open to anything that might offer a link with my background in medicine while helping me expand further. I looked into biomedicine, public health, global health and other similar courses. Even after I was enrolled into global health I was still a bit clueless about what exactly the difference between global health and public health was. They seem to sound similar yet at the same time a tad different. Well they are different.

This blog is for all those people who have recently asked me the same question I had a few months ago myself. Both public health and global health, as their names indicate deal with health issues but while public health deals with health issues, epidemiology, and economics in a HEALTH SYSTEM, global health takes these concepts from public health and applies them to the GLOBAL POPULATION. This means we talk about populations in countries not populations in communities.

With emerging refugee crisis, Ebola epidemic, continuing malarial and AIDS issues and debates about global surgical burden of disease, a degree in global health seems to offer a good connection to your previous studies. If these are your areas of interest, then global health deserves a serious consideration.

I have also been asked about future prospects after a masters in global health. This particular subject has not taken flight in my country, but it still remains rather new here as well. There are not any tailor made opportunities for graduates in this course. But the positive aspects of this degree are to do with its vastness. Being a vast subject it allows plenty of opportunity to explore and expand your horizons. How you do this certainly depends on you and how you manoeuvre your degree into getting into a place where you think you can apply what you have learnt.

So far the people I have had the pleasure to meet in my course have been the ones who felt the need to explore with a global objective set somewhere in their mind. If you feel the same, I find no reason why you shouldn’t think about global health.

Good luck!

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