One subject and Two months at KI: what have we learned so far? Part 2.



With reference to my previous blog, let’s now elaborate upon the following:

Internship and placement opportunities for Master’s Students

The vital thing you have to conclusively realise here is that KI primarily focuses on PhD students in this sense. Thus, almost every single workshop, career event, company mingle event – will all be either discussing career paths in or after academia (PhD), or looking for PhD students only to benefit from open internship opportunities. Which is, let’s say, not that very good [for us].

So, in a nutshell, Master’s students, buckle up and use your full potential to secure yourself an internship or placement during your study period with minimum reliance on KI (if this is something you really want to do, of course).

However, it is not as bad as it seems… There is a number of tricks, such as Erasmus+ Traineeship and Blind Applying, which, in a light sense, “compensate” for the feeling of having less attention than PhD students.

I am, currently, in a very, as I believe, methodological process of collating, analysing, and using as much information as possible in this regard, so… we are going to have a very practical, detailed, and, hopefully, prolific sharing of experience in the matter soon.

The Swedish Language

My advice would be: do learn Swedish. You don’t need to go the extra mile in this, or pressure yourself in any sense, but try to memorise the words you come across in ads, shops, books, museums, train stations etc. Just pick up the words, and say them out loud (but not at the top of your voice, cause most probably you are saying most of them in the wrong way 😉 ). Also, even if you are not planning on staying in Sweden in the long-term or just do not genuinely feel like learning it at all, still encourage yourself to master the words for at least this one valuable reason: having the right to stipulate “Swedish – intermediate level” in your CV ;).

KI Calendar, KI Career Newsletters & Newsletter for International Students at KI

Remember, how we talked about utilising your full potential several paragraphs before? These are the three sources to start with! Make sure to track, subscribe and make the most of them! Here you go:

KI Calendar:

KI Career Newsletters: (there is a subscription link on the right hand side)

Newsletter for International Students at KI:

Basically, the present blog (which is the continuation of my previous one) boils down to this one message: Step out of your comfort zone and just seize each and every opportunity there is for you in particular. In a word, let the magic happen!

Best of luck,


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