The Perks of Being a Student in Stockholm

Hello everyone,

I got a question about Stockholm from a prospective student, which initiated me to write a blog about it. If you have decided to study in Stockholm, I would say you probably chose one of the best cities you could ever enjoy living in. There are so many interesting things that come with being a student in Stockholm, the Scandinavian Capital. I have just finished the first year of my two-year masters study at Karolinska Institutet and it was a splendid year. I usually find it difficult where to start and end my talk about it. Today, I have decided to say the points that come to my mind, just, in one sit.

  1. Education is Free: In many countries one of the deterring factors to university education is its high cost. In Stockholm, or in general Sweden, I do not think it is cheaper but it is free at least for EU/EEA citizens. Otherwise you might be eligible to some scholarship or may even decide that it is worth paying for a study in Stockholm.
  2. Working and Moving Your Family: If you are studying in Sweden and want to work, you will not be required to have a work permit. You are allowed to work with your student residence permit. If you like to bring your family to Sweden while you are studying, you can do it as far as you have the financial capacity to support your family. If you are interested to stay longer after your studies to look for a job or start a business, that is also possible.
  3. Most efficient and Satisfactory Public Services: One of the public services I am always happy about is transportation. In Stockholm, there is always more than one options of transport between any two points in the city. Waiting time is almost none or few minutes, except weekends and night. As far as you know the name of your departure and arrival, you can travel with no problem even on your first day in Stockholm. You just need to go to and look for your options, may be on the English version of the page😀 What is most interesting is that busses or trains will not come a minute late but may be a minute or few seconds earlier. If you are motivated to come to Stockholm, please do it. I would recommend you to have a copy of the following picture and Res I Sthlm app or access to site so that you will travel in Stockholm as if your own home city.
SL train map
SL train map
  1. Clean and Green Environment: I have no strong enough words to talk about the cleanliness, the green areas (if you come at the right time) and water bodies of Stockholm. I think green space and water bodies have occupied the most geographic area of the city. If you are a student in Stockholm, you will definitely consider being a member of a student association and enjoy the countless discounts and much more.
  2. Language: If you are worried about language barrier since you may not know Swedish that is not a problem at all. I read figures like: ‘90% of Swedes speak English; the second most English fluent nation as a second language’. My experience is that I did not see anyone saying ‘I cannot speak English’. On top of that, you can join one of the Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) schools for free if you want to study Swedish.

Finaly, I would like to invite you my favorite you tube video about Stockholm:

Hej då! (goodbye!)


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