Application process, Part 1 (Are you ready for a Master?)


As you already know, the application for the Master’s programme at Karolinska is now open. I will write about the application process in three parts: In this initial blog, I will encourage you to make a deep analysis to decide if it is the correct time for you to start a Master; second, I will write about the application process; and finally, I will write recommendations and life experiences from other current students.

So…  for me (and also among my peers) there are two points in life to start a Master’s Programme:

1) Just after your undergraduate studies (maybe some internships or practical placements during the studies).

If you are in this section, I am really happy for you! Because you were able to choose your path, without experimenting in different fields, and your strategic focus led you to select this programme.

This means that you are aware that you want to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience to diminish the gap that currently exist between business and the life sciences.

However, there is an enormous risk that during your studies, you find that you do not like the field you are studying. Especially, in this programme in which students come from the Life Sciences, without experimenting or being out in the field, subjects like marketing, entrepreneurship, basic accounting, and project management, could discourage you along the way. Thus, you would be enrolled in a two year programme that maybe is not even fit with your expectations for your future careers.

2) After working (no internships).

If you are located here, I think it will be more easy for you. The reason is because while working, you discover two things: one, what you like and two, what you do not like to do.

Personally, after working for a few years, I realized I want to be involved in the innovation of meaningful medical technologies to improve health (my strategic focus). but I do not want to be the person at the lab doing research, I think that my knowledge, skills and expertise fit better in managing the projects associated with these innovations.

For these reasons, I choose the MBE Programme, because I am sure it will improve my knowledge with courses like Marketing and Product Development. It will enhance my skills with courses like Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences and Behavioural Management. And finally, increase my expertise with the practical placements during the programme.

Again!!!! this works for me because after my job experience I realized that the learning opportunities from this Master would suit with my interests and professional aims.

Please think about it……

To end this blog I would like to invite you to think in which of the sections above are you? And, if you are in none, I strongly recommend you to either gain professional experience to decide what you like, but more importantly, what you don’t like (there is nothing worse than doing something that does not motivate you); or read more about this programme, similar programmes, make calls to current students, graduates, see what they are doing and decide if it is for you.

If you need any help, please feel free to contact me

2 thoughts on “Application process, Part 1 (Are you ready for a Master?)

  1. I am highly interested to do my masters in public Health sciences in Stockholm when is the dead line for the application.Can you send more information about the programme forme for me 2017/2018 acedemic session. I want autum session from August nest year.

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