One subject and Two months at KI: what have we learned so far?


As the first subject of the Programme is completed now, and the first two months in Sweden have passed, let’s now reflect on the discoveries made, lessons learnt, and minds changed…

First things first: Introduction to Public Health Sciences – the first module of the Master’s of Public Health Sciences (both HEPM and Epi tracks)

  • It is an effective introduction to the notion of Public Health Sciences for those who have no previous experience in Public Health (PH) whatsoever. So, those of you who have background in Business, Economics or any other non-health related field use this module to fill yourself in on the general concept and peculiarity of the subject. From where I stand, it is a decent “foreword” to the much needed understanding of what PH actually is. Those, who feel at ease with PH, don’t just rest on the laurels, use this time to advance your knowledge or read the PH-related literature you have been meaning to get down too for a while.
  • The most viable advice in terms of the exam is this one: study thoroughly each and every slide in each and every presentation you have had during the course (all presentations should be available on your PingPong), don’t just flick through them. Reading the core book will benefit you a lot in terms of getting more detailed information, nevertheless, the presentation slides should come first.

The Student Union – Medicinska Föreningen (MF)

  • For international students (Non-European, in particular) who have 2+ years at KI, it is almost obligatory to be a student union member for the whole study period, as you will need this membership to apply for the second year accommodation via ( So, as far as the goes, make sure that 1. You have registered with prior to arriving in Stockholm. 2. You become a member of MF as soon as you can once you are in Stockholm. I would advise buying a 1-year membership straight away, cause it will allow you not to think about this in the following semester, thus will save you some time. Additionally, you can also save 20 or so krona with the full year membership as opposed to paying for each semester separately.
  • Apart from the accommodation, MF is a good starting point for your dynamic social life, as the Student Union offers a variety of activities, such as dance classes, yoga, badminton, coffee hour, cricket etc. Check out the following links:;

Accommodation for first-year newbies – Jägargatan 20. As this is my accommodation at the moment, these are the features that you should probably know in order to get a clearer picture of the dormitory:

  • It takes around 45 minutes by Pendeltåg (from Södra Station to Karlberg) to get to KI campus in Solna from Jägargatan 20. First you walk to the Station, which takes 3,5 songs in your iPod, and equals to around 12 minutes. Then the train arrives, and it takes almost the same number of songs, or 5-7 newly learned Swedish words, or around 15 minutes. I should probably mention that it is only 2 stops from Södra Station to Karlberg. You then have to walk additional 15 minutes to Solna campus. Note: it does not necessarily have to be brisk walking, but not super slow motion either for the provided time figures to work ;).
  • Alternatively, the bus (Numero 3) stops just opposite the PH building, where all the lectures are held, but, in this case, it takes almost 1h20m to get to the Campus. Also, almost, no walking is needed.
  • The rooms are small, but the amenities are very organised. There are 3 different closets, two overhead shelves, a small compartment for your morning routine, a desk, a chair and a bed, obviously) Some people also have a door mirror, but that’s not the case with my room, and we will never know why… ;).
  • It gets very cold inside,especially at night, especially starting from mid- September, so I would highly advise to buy a small room heater.
  • The showers and the kitchen are shared, and the cleaning staff that comes once in two days or so does a pretty good job, although that does not mean that you are not supposed to wash your own dishes.
  • I believe, the general location of Jägargatan 20 is pretty convenient, cause the Central station is only one station away, the Solna Campus is two stations away (if we don’t consider the bus), there are ICA and Liddle shops within 15-minute walk, there is also a beautiful scenery, which includes parks, bridges, private yachts, and swans!

I will rest my case for now, and will resume in the next blog. Stay tuned! Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in contact! 🙂


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