Master’s application guide: Part 2 – Global Health CV form.

In the last blog I explained the general application process to Swedish Master’s programmes (link), now I’ll focus more upon the CV form. Hopefully the tips should provide relevant information for everyone, not just prospective Global Health applicants.

What is the CV form?

Basically it’s a condensed curriculum vitae proforma provided by Karolinska Institute and other Swedish Universities (found here). It is used for the Master’s applications, with the aim to provide a structured template allowing student’s to display important or relevant skills and experiences which make them suitable candidates for the programme.

What does it consist of?

First, basic personal information, name, application number, education background and previous degrees etc. Then there are four white space open questions to complete: ambition and initiative, relevant work experience, relevant research experience and the statement of intent.

What should I write?

There are no write or wrong things to write but I’ll try shine some light upon how I answered each section based on being accepted onto the course. Generally, I aimed to make each section relevant and topical to Global Health – to demonstrate a commitment and passion towards the area. Obviously some of your experiences won’t be to do with your chosen Master’s programme but demonstrate important skills and characteristics – so definitely talk about them too!


“Please describe any activities that show ambition and initiative. This could be for example experience from serving on boards or committees, starting a business or running projects etc.” 

For me, this was the hardest section. I guess I thought about things in my life which have shown dedication or commitment to a particular cause. For example, starting a society, project or fundraising for charity. Coming from a medical background it had a few examples which were also transferable to relevant global health problems which generally made things slightly easier.

Also thinking about things which you’ve invested a lot of time and effort into, whether these are sporting, artistic or educational achievements, all can show the ambition and initiative courses are looking for.


“Please describe any relevant work experience you might have for the programme you have applied to. State the name of the company, or the equivalent, as well as the period of time you were employed.”

Note – if applicable. Depending on your background you may or may not have any relevant employment history. However, I feel that a lot of applicants (particularly from all healthcare backgrounds) will have work experiences with global health issues. Even from other backgrounds, such as engineering, law or social sciences, you may have worked on projects which involve innovative ideas or interactions with NGOs and charities for example.

I talked about my experiences working in a diverse hospital and also a previous research assistant job involving an innovative healthcare solution.

If you do have some work experience to write about you will also need a letter / evidence from your previous employer stating your position at the time.


“Please describe any research experience you have acquired. Describe only research experience that was not part of your academic studies. If you have relevant publications, please list them here with complete references.” 

Note – if applicable. Again this is difficult, especially as it states “not part of your academic studies”, technically I presume this would exclude any research that you did for your Bachelors degree.

List any publications you have! It is also probably useful to place the abstract here and submit a PDF/paper copy of the publication when you submit all your documents to

We were told that as the Global Health course is very competitive one of the main distinguishing features is having research experience or publications, and many of our cohort do. Nonetheless there is still a significant proportion who don’t or only have research as part of previous studies, so definitely don’t let this put you off from applying.


“Please describe why you are applying to the specific programme and university, and why you believe you are a good candidate.”

This is the main bulk of the application and your chance to show yourself off. As I asked myself a few key questions to give a basis of a structured answer.

  • Why do I want to study global health?
  • What do I know about global health?
  • What previous work / travelling / charity have I done around global health?
  • What do I want to do with the degree after?
  • Why Karolinska Institutet and Sweden?

I think the main tip for writing this section is to show passion! This sounds really cliché I know, but try to draw from past experiences and tell the reader what has really inspired you to want to enter the field of global health.

Remember the CV form is the only way of separating prospective students apart from one another so really make sure you prepare early and draft a few ideas, get help from friends, family or academics, and make sure you’re happy with your final application.

10 thoughts on “Master’s application guide: Part 2 – Global Health CV form.

  1. This post is really helpful for me. Thanks alot Alex. I am going apply for Global Health Master program this time. I know that I am too young with less experience and also I could not fill out the Research Experience with works I have done for my thesis Bachelor degree. Instead, could I put internship here?

    1. Thanks for the comment – always nice to know someone is on the other side and reading! I think your internship would be a great thing to talk about, maybe in the work experience section? Or yes if contained research then definitely put this in the research section. I would let experience and age put you off, there are many people on the course who have come straight from their undergraduate degrees.

      1. Hi, Alex. Because my internship related to research in microbiology field in 2-months duration, so I don’t know it could be considered as relevant or not. I am so excited to apply even though my academic qualifications are not really impressive, but is it more important in parts which show my ambition to this field? I will do my best for these parts 😀
        I would also ask about the application process: do I have to send qualification documents via post after online applications? (I am confusing about the word “qualification” here)
        Thanks for reply 🙂

      2. I would definitely put that in – sounds like a great thing to talk about. I agree – it’s more important to show your passion and ambition in global health rather than past experience. Especially as in global health it’s very difficult to get ‘real experience’ in the field.

        I would check and read it carefully. I submitted electronically but still had to send certified copies via post.

  2. I agree the field is quite enormous. I would put my internship there (I have certificate for this, do you think it is enough? ) I have sent email to ask, they answer all can be submitted online, however, I read this on website “after online submission, you should submit supporting documents to Admission University…” this is really confusing 😦

    1. Yes a certificate should be fine to provide as evidence. Regarding the document submission I actually submitted both online and via post – mainly because it is really confusing! I’d recommend calling the contact number for University Admissions – they were really helpful for me last year.

  3. Thank You for the helpful Post Alex. I’ve been working as a medical Doctor in Uganda for the past two years. I am looking at applying to Ki and must say the most challenges are really the CV form but ill do my best. Thank You for the post its an eye opener.

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