Swedish grading system

It’s been two months since the academic course started and most of us have already taken our first subject, which means we have done our first exam, and it is time for results!

As Masters students we already know a couple of things about taking exams… but grading system is a completely different thing. International students coming from all over the world are used to very different methods when it comes to grades.

In my case, Spain has a grading system where you can get up to 10 points, and you need at least 5 to pass your exam (and 4.9 is a fail, I can tell..) But here at KI things are much easier. Professors can use three different grading systems:

  • G/U (Pass/Fail)
  • VG/G/U (Pass with distinction/Pass/Fail)
  • A-F (Excellent, Very good, Good, Satisfactory, Sufficient, Fail)

My first course used the Pass with distinction/Pass/Fail system, and I am proud to say I passed 🙂


In my opinion, this system is much better than what I have been using before. I have never liked the pressure of having a number measuring your knowledge, and it can get very competitive sometimes…

But the best part is that here at KI you only have one subject at a time! How cool is that? In many countries you have to face 5 or 6 different subjects, with different lectures in completely different topics and then suffer a horrible 2 to 3 weeks period where you have to take exams on all of those subjects. Here, you focus on one subject, go deep on the topic and at the end of the course take an exam. I have to say I love it!

If you want to read more about examinations and grading systems you can go to:

or visit the post from Radek, where he explains a lot of things about exams at KI

This is all for today, I hope you all passed your courses and good luck with the next ones!


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