[Course Reflection Series 10] – Scientific Methods


As the last theoretical course in MBE program, scientific method aims to prepare us for writing the Master thesis and also acquire essential knowledge in literature review for future career.

The course consisted of lectures and workshops, together with one individual report and one group project. The Bible is Business research methods  3rd edition co-authored by Bryman and Emma. The lectures basically cover methodology (quantitative & qualitative), data base research, ethics, theoretical framework and limitations. We also wrote a research plan by applying what we learned in the process. It was indeed a beneficial process while group mates discussed intensively and learnt from each other.

This course provides sound foundation on reading and writing papers, and we reflected that it should be held before project management course. Thus we could apply this method in writing reports for product development, project management, market analysis, business development and so on.

Time flies. Soon our class will spread out in different parts of the world. Although I have prepared for this since the first day of program, the emotional feeling is a complex mix of sadness, confusion and excitement.

Wish all my classmates the best luck in their placement and thesis!

Wish my kind readers would find something meaningful from my posts!


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