SISS Back in Place: Congratulations to Beneficiaries

Dear prospective students,

Many of you are aware that Swedish Institute (SI) offers scholarships to fee paying students from selected countries. The bad news we had last year was that these scholarships were not available. Since the news about this decision came late, some of you have even got admission but were not able to enroll due to financial constraints.

This year, the availability of Swedish Institute Study Scholarships (SISS) is announced early. Application for admission is also already opened. So, what is expected of you is to work hard on your application both for admission and scholarship.

This time, there are some important changes to the eligibility criteria and application procedure to the scholarship. So, it helps you a lot to pay attention to the details and take time to optimize your application.

Since the demand for scholarship is always greater than what is given, it would not be possible for all applicants to get it. So, it would be good to look for alternative sources of funding well earlier than the deadlines. You may, for instance, have a look at the KI tuition fee scholarships here:

Please feel free to ask about your doubts related to your applications and wish you all good luck!


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