Hej Hej from Alex.

Hej hej! (Currently my favourite Swedish greeting – said by myself in a really over-enthusiastic manner)

I’m Alex from the United Kingdom and I’m one of the new digital ambassadors blogging for Karolinska Institutet.

As a child I grew up in a small countryside village near Oxford, around 60 miles (sorry I’m British – 100 kilometres) west of London. I spent six years studying medicine in Southampton and London before graduating in 2013. Since then I’ve been working clinically as a doctor in two East London hospitals covering a range of different specialities. Somehow I’ve found myself reverting back to student life again and beginning the Global Health Master’s Programme.

In typical British style I heard about the Global Health Master’s and Karolinska in a pub, chatting with friends over a beer. A friend of a friend of a friend had studied the programme a couple of years ago so I got in touch with them to hear a bit more about it all. The next few nights I found myself searching Google and stumbled across the same blogs I’m writing for now – the Digital Ambassador student pages.

The decision to study at Karolinska was fairly complex for me. I hadn’t seriously considered a career in global health but I’d always wanted to mix clinical practice, humanitarian medicine and research – I hope to use this Master’s and living in Stockholm as a gateway towards this. So far, I love it.

Over the next year, you can follow my Swedish adventure through this blog and the occasional YouTube video. I really hope you find it to be just half as helpful as I did one year ago during my application decision and process.*

Watch this space, Alex.

Top: Hammarby Slussväg, Södermalm, Bottom Left: Aula Medica, Karolinska Institutet, Bottom Right: Djurgårdsvägen

*N.B. Today (October 16th) is the opening of university admissions in Sweden for entry in 2016. Visit www.universityadmissions.se and www.studyinsweden.se for more information regarding this process.

One thought on “Hej Hej from Alex.

  1. Hi Alex! I just stumbled upon your blog post while I was doing research for a MSc in Global Health. I have a medical degree from Canada, and I would love to chat more about how you found yourself able to integrate your medical degree with this masters. Feel free to send me an e-mail! Thanks.

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