It’s time to blog!

Hej hej! I am Leire, one of the new Digital Ambassadors of KI, and I would like to introduce myself a little in this first post.

I was born and raised in a very small village called Azagra, but lately I’ve been living in Pamplona, a very beautiful city in Northern Spain, mostly known because of the San Fermines (or as foreigners say, the run of the bulls). This city has been my home for the last four years.

Pedro Armestre

I have studied my Bachelor in Biochemistry and Biomedicine at the University of Navarra, and after graduating I knew I wanted to keep studying a Master in the  medical field, so obviously Karolinska Institutet was in the top of my list. And so far I can say it has been a great choice!

But the best part of it is that I got the chance to travel abroad and get to know a new amazing country: Sweden!

To be honest, I wouldn’t have ever imagined myself living in Sweden, but Stockholm has conquered my heart. This city is charming, full of social life and international students, and, allthough the weather and the party is not like in Spain, it is still quite good!

Oh, and just for you to know, though I will be writing here, you will be able to see my videoblogs from time to time, so keep updated to the Youtube channel!

See you around!


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