Let’s start blogging!

Hello everyone! 🙂

My name is Laura and I want to use this first post to introduce a little bit myself before starting blogging as a Karolinska Institutet Digital Ambassador.

I come from Girona, a small city located 100km at the north of Barcelona. Perhaps you’ve heard more about Costa Brava, Dalí, the Bulli Restaurant… or more recently about Game of Thrones’ latest filming, which was done in my hometown! Regardless, Girona is a lovely town, with many beautiful places and, of course, very very nice people!



The last 4 years I’ve been studying a Bachelors in Biotechnology, at the University of Barcelona (BSc there are 4 years long, but not 3 like in most European countries). After my Bachelor, I knew I wanted to study a Master´s degree abroad, focusing more on the biomedical field. I had been to Sweden before and I really liked the city of Stockholm. Additionally, the Karolinska Institutet was a great opportunity for me, being one of the leading medical Universities in Europe! I applied, waited for the results… and here I am, studying the Master´s in Biomedicine!

Once here, the chance to become a KI Digital Ambassador was offered to all new students and I thought it would be a perfect chance to show prospective students an inside look at KI. Before coming to Stockholm, I had followed some of the Digital Ambassadors’ posts and I thought it would be very helpful to be able to see the University from a student´s perspective – because that´s actually how you’re going to experience it!

As a Digital Ambassador I will do video blogging, also known as “vlogging”. With these videos I want to show you how KI student life is, as well as what is to live in Stockholm, a city that I really like in the 2 months I´ve been here so far! We’ll see if that changes when the winter arrives… From what I´ve seen by now, October in Sweden seems to be like January in Barcelona! 😯

Just to reassure you, all the photos and videos I’m going to upload will be taken by me!

I hope you all enjoy the blog and… keeeeep tuned to Youtube! 🙂

See you soon,


e-mail: laura.barcelo@stud.ki.se

instagram: @laurabarcelo

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