[Course Reflection Series 9] – Business Development (BD)

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.02.11

Having heard about the workload of this course from senior students, I am not that surprised when I received the syllabus from the lecturer, Pauline Mattson. This course consists of lecture, seminar, case study and guest lecture. The assessment are made up of three parts: group project working with real-life company, individual assignment interviewing real-life BD managers and written exam. All of these three assessments are due on Oct 6, which is yesterday. When the clock tick at 0:00 midnight, I am relived.

It is not just projects, time is also limited. Courses go on everyday and only one day in a week is for group work. Most of classmates are looking for internship and thesis at the same time as well. To summarise, this is a busy course and the busiest September for me.

However, learning is massive as well. We have been exposed to business language such as portfolio management, due diligence, deals and strategic alliances. We also reviewed some knowledge from Industrial Management course to conduct valuation. These were heavy business terms we need to master. Just as one graduate commented, only when you graduated from MBE you would realise how useful it was. Therefore, even though we’ve learned quite a few theories and terms in papers, we will realise the implication when we apply them in the future.

Now I start a new course on ’Scientific Method’ and prepare for writing the master thesis. Time flies and I am only 8 months away from being a MBE graduate!

Wish my dear audience a happy October and enjoy the marvellous Fall.


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