Infection and Immunity

Hey Everyone!
Friday was our mid-term exam in our current course Infection and Immunity. I felt like this “half” time was a great point to talk about how the course is going. This is the first course of the second year Biomedicine Bachelor’s program. It covers the immune system, as well as Virology, Bacteriology, and Parasitology. For me, this is the course I was most excited to take in the entire program. I got interested in the field of Biomedicine and Medical Research with the SARS outbreak of 2001. I really get excited about infectious diseases, particularly respiratory illness (everyone has their quirks).

Lab Results

The class itself has been really informative. The teaching staff has some great personalities, which has made many of our lectures really engaging. There are a LOT of details to learn, and one thing I have learned is that the American Federal Government got the inspiration of alphabet soup from Immunology. Because NSA, CIA, and FBI, doesn’t even begin to cover all the jumbled letters you have to learn in this course (C3a, C4a, C5a, C5b, C9, and that is all just within the complement pathway). For me, that is really hard, because while I am pretty good with concepts, and keeping ideas together, acronyms are an absolute mess for me. However, if you can keep all the letter’s straight I think that this is a course to really get your toes wet with. It’s a great starter course for those of us who get excited about Infectious diseases. We are mid-way through Bacteriology and have yet to start Parasitology, so we will see what the second half of the course holds. Right now, a lot of our energy is focused on lab work and our final project.

I was lucky enough to snag Influenza A! I would say it is a dream come true, but I got to pick topics and obviously I chose my favorite. Let’s just hope my favorite subject doesn’t raise it’s genetically segmented head and get everyone sick! Don’t forget to get your flu shot.

I could not post on today of all holy days and not mention the Nobel Prize, which this year is going towards the treatment of Infectious diseases, showing how exciting this course really can be. Congratulations to William C. Campbell, Satoshi Ōmura and Youyou Tu for all of their contributions to the field.

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