Important Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Hello every one,

As usual, LinkedIn training was organized by KI career service office recently. This is a summary of the points discussed in the training for those who were not able to attend it. I believe prospective students might also benefit a lot if they get a way to follow such campus events.

Barry O’Brien (our trainer from PhD Career Link) started the training by mentioning that best LinkedIn profiles are honest, focused on what makes you unique and what you can offer for your employer. It is important to answer the question ‘what problem can you solve?’.

According to Barry, most users of LinkedIn do not have optimized headline although this is the part, which is viewed by most of profile visitors. It is very important to have a strong professional headline and one should not forget that it is possible to write up to120 characters in this space. It is of highest importance to find unique ways of describing your skills avoiding commonly used phrases such as ‘team player’, ‘ambitious’, etc.

Another important part of your LinkedIn profile is the summary. Barry’s suggestion is to write about 300 characters answering the following questions: 1) who are you? 2) what have you done so far? and 3) what do you want to accomplish next?

In the experience section, it is good if you mention the challenges you faced so far, the actions you have taken and the consequent results. It is also advisable to have recommendations for the experiences you had. One tip here is that if the person you would like to ask recommendation is not on LinkedIn, it is possible to get a paper recommendation and attach a scanned copy.

LinkedIn is different from other social media networks in its professional nature. Therefore, we should always pay attention to this fact in our interaction with others on LinkedIn. It is always better to start connections only with people we know. If we have a special interest/reason to connect with people whom we do not know before, it is important to send them a customized request mentioning our interest for connection or similar.

A final advice was about the importance of joining groups that we are interested in and participate in discussions. It is quite good to stay active in sharing job vacancies, provide endorsements and congratulate people on their success.

Finally, I would like to say that all the contents of this blog were taken from the training although the way it is written is a kind of mixed up😀

N.B: Please do not forget to check for other similar trainings of the career service office; for instance I heard there will be one on CV writing in the near future😀

See you next time!


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