Fish Pedicure in the city

Half the fun of moving across the world is all the new experiences. And while fish pedicures are available back home I never tried one until a few days ago. The idea behind a fish pedicure is that you stick your clean bare feet in a tank with toothless doctor fish, and they eat the dead skin, leaving you with beautiful feet without irritating your skin.

It was certainly a new and exciting experience to try it.

The fish are very cute, and I felt pretty guilty sticking my feet in their glass home. Then when they started nibbling on me, it was enough to make me squirm. I am not in the least sensitive, but even I wanted to giggle at how unusual it felt. The smaller fish felt a bit like bubbles, and the larger fish felt more like sucking.


Overall, it was a relaxing experience that I am really glad I tried. Sometimes you just need to breakout of the everyday and try something new, and why not feel pretty while doing it? Hopefully I can find time to have more mini-adventures here in Stockholm and recommendations are always welcome (as are partners in crime!).

Until next time!

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