Some Useful Swedish Words/phrases for New Comers to Sweden

Hej allihopa (Hi everyone)!

This blog was planned to be posted before few weeks mainly to serve as a Swedish mini-dictionary for our first year students up on their arrival. However due to technical problems☺️ it is delayed by weeks. May be some of you have already mastered those words and phrases and went a bit far in your language learning. Grattis (=congratulations☺️) but there will be someone always näive but interested to know a little Swedish. So, I am going to continue writing…☺️

N.B: It is quite important that you try to check and learn the pronunciation of these words and phrases. You may just guess how to say them based on your English knowledge but probability of pronouncing them is very high.

  1. Greeting words

Hej = Hi…A very important word that you can use in every situation with everyone you meet.

Tack (så mycket) = thank you (very muck)…This is the other most useful and generously used term in Sweden.

Varsågod = This is another important and multi-purpose Swedish word. I am not sure if I know all its meanings but I can try some. It is frequently used to say ‘you are welcome’ as a response for ‘thank you’. It is also the term you can use when you invite someone for an offer (for instance your food) or when you give priority for others (in a service or may be in a narrow entrance to a hall).

Ursäkta = excuse me…This is the most appropriate word to use when you need someone’s attention for asking a question or favor.

Förlät = pardon…This word is important to say sorry if you make something wrong to someone (For instance, if you pump into someone while you travel around T-centralen)

Hej då = good bye

Vi ses! = see you!

  1. Expressions for talking with someone you met for the first time

Vad heter du? = What is your name?;

Jag heter… = my name is…

Varifrån kommer du? = where do you come from?

Jag kommer från… = I come from….

Vad studerar du? = what do you study (are you studying)

Jag studerar… = I study (am studying)

Var bor du? = Where do you live?

Jag bor i Stockholm. I live in Stockholm

  1. Transportation words

Buss = bus

Tåg (korttåg) = train (short train)

Nästa = next

Mot = towards

Trappa = stairs

Utgång = exit

Ej upp = not up

Hiss = lift

Taxi = taxi

Bil = car

  1. Direction words

Gå rakt fram = Walk straight ahead

Sväng till vänster = Turn left

Sväng till höger = Turn right

Sväng vid = Turn at

  1. Shopping words

Hur mycket kostar det? = how much does it cost?

Det kostar två hundra krona, tack = It costs two hundred crown, thanks

Vill du ha kvitto? = Do you want to have a receipt?

Ja/Nej (tack) = Yes/No (thanks)

Vill do ha påse? = Do you want to have bag/ plastic bag?

Lycka till i dina studier (=good luck in your studies)☺️!


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