If your friends/family come to Stockholm…

Although I have been living in Stockholm for a year, I haven’t travelled in Sthlm that much until my best friend came to visit me in early August. If your friends/family come to Stockholm, I would recommend the following hotspots that you might have fun.

1. Djurgården – Vasa museum, Skansen & ABBA museum 

Djurgården is an island located in the east of Sthlm, with many interesting tourist spots. I heard about Vasa, Skansen when I came here, but only after I visited them did I realise why they are famous.  To be honest, I have seen larger sunk boat and much larger open air museum in China, but Vasa and Skansen have their unique and easy-going characters. Also, there are never 😞 too many people around so you could enjoy the view as free as you like. Moreover, if you are ABBA fans, ABBA museum is a must-go without me saying.

          VASA MUSEUM

 IMG_1406  IMG_1409 IMG_1415IMG_1403



IMG_1439 IMG_1436 IMG_1453    IMG_1447

2. Boat trip – Archipelago 

Sthlm is known as a ‘thousands-of-islands’ city, thus a boat trip viewing archipelago will surely impress you. It is easy to buy the tickets online, and there are tons of packages to choose from. Coincidently, my friend I went to a boat trip which was exactly the same boat  I took for cruise dinner for the SSES bootcamp. That is such a lovely ‘accident’! We went all the way from Sthlm central to Vaxholmen, a major island in archipelago.

IMG_1477 IMG_1492

IMG_1385 IMG_1465

3. Royal Palace & City Hall 

Undoubtably, City Hall (Stadshuset) and Royal Palace are the icons of Sthlm. Since there are several blogs about city hall (ex.Jessie’s blog) , you could see how important it is to Sthlm.


4. Fotografiska Museum

Have you ever seen a photo of elephant drinking water on the metro? It is now in exhibition at Fotografiska museum, which appeals to me so much that I spent almost two hours just watching and studying all the photographs. Africa and wild animals is one of my favourite theme and being able to see those photos in the museum is quite different from watching a documentary or a magazine. It is powerful, strong, yet gentle.



Thank you for reading all the way till here, hope this post is a bit helpful for your planning of touring around Sthlm!


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