SSES bootcamp – Cruise dinner

It is 23:12 now in Sweden and I just came back from a super nice cruise dinner as the perfect ending for SSES bootcamp of medical enterprise. I had some alcohol which gave me more feelings about writing all these things down.

It has been such a wonderful two-week program that I start to miss my friends now. They are very experienced business people, who I might be a bit nervous if meeting up in a company, but they turn out to be very humorous and friendly. They are mostly part-time MBAs from University of Minnesota Carlson School of Business, and they come from very big companies with diverse background. It is such an amazing experience to spend the weeks with them, dinning out, attending lectures, visiting companies, making jokes all the time!

IMG_1356  IMG_1319IMG_1295IMG_1325

The story of this bootcamp has ended, but I always believe that people come to your life for some reason, and  there shall be some time in the future we see each other again.



Today is the blue moon, wish all of you the best luck of your life!



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