Company vist – 3M Sweden

On July 29, we visited a very COOL company as the last company we visited during the SSES bootcamp – the 3M Sweden office, which is the headquarter of the Nordic Region. Lars, the managing director, led us to the 3M Innovation Center and gave a brief intro at the beginning. There are a couple of products which are developed and produced in Sweden, mostly in safety & protective care area. Then we spent about half an hour in a mini museum with all interesting innovative 3M products.

IMG_1248 IMG_1251
various material
 IMG_1253 IMG_1252
material under the microscope
the famous Post-it series & Scotch tapes
IMG_1254 IMG_1255
noise absorbing headphone
ceramic teeth
The Innovation center is open to the public, so you should take a visit if you are interested. After all, 3M is not a Postit company to me anymore, but instead a huge international corp with fancy and cool stuffs.

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