July Greeting – SSES Bootcamp

Hi I am back!

Just flied back from 35 °C Shenzhen – my hometown, and stepped into the 15 °C  Stockholm.  Unlike my Swedish friends complaining the ‘terrible weather’, I enjoy the cool air here 😄

The awaited SSES bootcamp started with the summer rain, with a group of MBA students from Carlson School of Management of University of Minnesota joining. The topic is about medical technology innovation – which is exactly my topic of interest.  The first excitement is the Amazing Race around Stockholm and I am shamed of not knowing many of the spots in Stockholm!  What about you, my dear readers? Do you know about the plaque of the first five nobel prize winners at Stadshuset (City Hall)? Have you seen the Narrow Passage in Gamla Stan? Do you ever hear of Kreditbanken? Now it is time to test your Stockholm database.



After the race, we had dinner in one of the best restaurant in Stockholm – Eriks Gondolen, which overlooks the cannels around Gamla Stan. What a view!


Continuing my posts, I would like to write some interesting stories happening in the Bootcamp and more photos are coming!

Happy July to you !



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