Stockholm’s Hottest Welcome to the European Champions

Hello everyone,

I have been in a long vacation from blogging. Now I am feeling, as if I am being selfish in that I am enjoying the Swedish summer a lot yet I am not sharing anything😄 Today there was one more awesome event that I should say a bit about it.

I hope most of you have seen and/or heard that the Swedish football team won the 2015 European Under-21 Championship yesterday. Today a huge number of Stockholmers (including myself😄) were gathered in Kungusträgården park to welcome the champions. The crowed was so big that it seemed as if no one in Stockholm was absent from the ceremony. According to the English literature I read, this was the first time for Sweden to win the Under-21 Championship. The last time the Swedish team reached final was in 1992.

Though the temperature was relatively high, it was not able to compromise the celebration in any way. Stockholmers do have an amazingly advanced skill of expressing their feelings. So, I have really enjoyed the ceremony though I was accusing myself for my infancy in Swedish.

Please enjoy the following pictures!


2015-07-01 17.09.37  2015-07-01 17.09.46 2015-07-01 17.14.13  2015-07-01 17.14.36  2015-07-01 17.16.52 2015-07-01 17.45.27  2015-07-01 17.46.44 2015-07-01 17.47.09   2015-07-01 17.57.48 image (36)

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