Today it is midsummer in Sweden. It is not celebrated exactly on the longest day in the year but on a more convenient Friday. The sky is gray and the weather forecast is not promising. We will have a cold and wet ‘midsommar’. It seems it is not uncommon to be this way.

We will have a non-Swedish celebration at home as all the guests are foreigners: Japan, South Africa, Spain, Mexico and Colombia. But we will have salmon and dill, quite Swedish although the fish is possibly Norwegian.

Today I am also writing my last post for this blog. I finished all my courses, the thesis is graded and the graduation ceremony already happened. It is time to leave the student life returning to the productive field. It is almost certain I am not pursuing a PhD, I am not sure I will stand 4 years working in the same research question. And I would prefer to have a better paid job at this stage of my life. But, you know, life not always happen as you want although I cannot complain because I have been doing what I wanted since I left the high school.

This time allowed achieving dreamed goals. I have had the chance to watch the Northern Lights (more than once and even here in Stockholm). I had the chance to sail a Norwegian fiord. This week I watched some noctilucent clouds (polar mesospheric clouds). I have traveled, not as much as some mates but I can highlight I was also able to be in my wife’s dreamed travel: Istanbul. (It was also kind of a dream for me). And, of course, I finished my master at KI. There are many reasons, good ones, why these two years will be unforgettable.

Noctilucen clouds over Stockholm. Note that it was around midnight and the clouds are bright because they are very high beyond the stratosphere


I am going to post some more pictures on instagram until the end of June and that finishes all my participation in this fabulous initiative of writing and picturing my life here.

If someone is interested in following me after this you can do it in my Spanish twitter account @elpalabrista, in my almost inactive English Twitter account @juglerofwords. You can see some pictures taken by me at @jugglerofwords on Instagram and my flickr account is Arrubla https://www.flickr.com/arrubla/

Hope the tips I wrote here were useful for somebody pursuing his life in Sweden.

All the best

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2 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. It’s been really nice to read about your experiences at Karolinska Institutet and Sweden. Good luck in the future, whatever you decide to do!

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