Women Investing in Women Summit – NASDAQ Sweden 


It is very lucky that I got a free pass at Women Investing in Women Summit (WWIW) 2015 as a student blogger from KI. It might be one of the most influential event of women entrepreneurs in Sweden (maybe  even in Europe).  The forum speakers are influential figures including EU parliament member, CEOs, business angels and senior managers, and they are all women! Maybe it is in Sweden the word ‘female entrepreneurship’ ‘gender equality’ such hot topics in discussion, just as pointed out by one of the forum host Maria Oldin.

On May 5, the summit started at 1 pm but I can see many participants arriving at 12:30 already and they started mingling immediately upon arrival. Some of them had carry-on suitcases and seemed to travel to Stockholm for this event. The event consisted of four forums where representatives from different business sectors shared their stories about being as a business women ( and female politicians). Interestingly the first forum was men talking about women, a contrast perspective taking from successful business men discussing topics such as parental leave, equality and women capability.



I liked the third forum the most, where influential women figures from diverse field of interest shared their life stories and thinking. I could vividly recall the words like ‘be prepared’ ‘to recruit and learn from people who are more talented’ ‘allow more mistakes when you are small startup rather than when you grow big’. These advice might look a bit cliché as many motivational quotes, but they were manifested in their life stories and they made more sense to me.


As I was reflecting upon the growth mindset (previous blog) during this time. I combined my observation from WWIW with the mindset thinking. It was an interesting practice and I regard female entrepreneurs a topic worth looking into now. I would like carry out more theory-real-life observation in the future, so the first thing is to actively attend events of your interest!


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