We’re halfway there

We are a week away from summer break and all I could think about is how fast it has been – two terms, 10 months of lectures, group work, writing papers, group work (oh did I say that already) and procrastination. I can’t believe it, first year of Health Informatics is almost done!

So, as usual it is time for me to take stock of what I have done and learned. Since everybody’s doing a list I thought I’d do one too. Here it is, random things I learned, remembered, regretted and loved doing during the year that was, all of which I am thankful for.

  1. eHealth and the essence of user requirements
  2. Paper prototyping
  3. How to draw a UML Diagram
  4. How to make my computer say “Hello World” in Java
  5. How to litter my papers with obscure references after writing them
  6. Patience
  7. More patience
  8. How to lose patience
  9. Cross-country skiing
  10. Cook eggs
  11. Bake brownies
  12. Missing classes at Kista because I was being forgetful and disorganized
  13. Riding Bus No. 3
  14. Finding new friends
  15. Saying goodbye to a lot of people
  16. Fika every day, all day
  17. Data mining

I stop at 17 for now and come back to this again next week when the summer break starts becoming real.

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