Start-up Day Stockholm


Surprisingly, the Start-up Day Stockholm is the first event that I paid for the entry. So what is appealing? I know about this event from colleagues at SSES, who suggest it has been run by SSES for years. Also there are interesting people participating as well, especially young entrepreneurs. Tempted by this statement and out of curiosity, I sign up for it and get a student discount (150kr).


On April 25, I went to Münchenbryggeriet, a conference center in Stockholm on a windy day. The whole day event consisted of guest speeches, workshops and mingle section. The guest speakers are truly inspiring entrepreneurs,  out of which Jesper Kouthoofd was the most impressive one. Representing Teenage Engineering, he brought the digital keyboards and produced dynamic synthesized music (very electronic type). A more conceptual talk was given by Cristina Riesen, general manager Europe at Evernote. She introduced innovative thinking such as cloud solution and effective communication in digital times. For those who might be interested, the link to the videos: Cristina Riesen, Jesper Kouthoofd.

Of course there were several times of fika, and lunch wrap was provided. During that time I mingled with reps from Philips Healthcare and GE healthcare, which were most attractive for me. There were many more IT companies and consultancy firms. I guess it was because there were far more startups in these fields. I also met many MBEs (both first year and second year). Now you can see Stockholm is not big, esp. events related to entrepreneurship, life science industry etc.

Overall, it was a very delightful event and I totally enjoyed it. I had no regret for the 150kr lol. Hopefully there will be more and more dynamic events of this kind.



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